ICT Training

Computer Learning Fun for Kiddies (8-12 yrs.)

Start them young. Here’s the perfect opportunity for them to master computer skills that will serve them for life. Enroll them in this fun filled practical computer class where they will learn computer essentials, creativity and boost their confidence with awesome presentation skills.


Course Includes

  • Fun facts about computers
  • Mastering the keyboard and mouse through fun activities
  • Creating colourful documents, cards ,flyers and more using Microsoft and Adobe packages
  • The art of presentation with Power Point
  • Cool learning tools on the internet completely suitable for kids.
  • Intro to coding with scratch for your future Mike Zuckerbergs (Facebook CEO)
  • Dissecting the computer to see what’s inside, a brief intro to hardware.
students-99506_960_720 Girl with wireless laptop computer.


Computer Essentials for Teens (13-19 yrs.)

Prepare your teens for the future. Equip them with skill necessary for learning, research and development. Ensure that they are ready with the Information Technology (I.T.) skills they require for higher learning and beyond. Give them the exposure they require to develop interest in I.T., this could be the beginning of a successful career in I.T. or any other field as computer and the Internet open the doors to limitless opportunities.

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Course Includes

  • Essential Computer Knowledge
  • Essential Word processing and Spread sheet skills using Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • The Internet, Internet safety and etiquette
  • Using the Internet for Research and Development of Presentations.
  • Introduction to coding (programming) and app development.
  • Introduction to computer trouble shooting and hardware


Course Schedule

Summer Classes


Weekday Morning 10-12 Duration (1 month)
18th August – 18th September Weekday Evening 4-6 Duration (1 month)


Course Schedule

All year round


Weekday Evening  4-6 Duration (1 month)
Saturday Morning 10-12


Duration (2 months)
Saturday Evening 4-6


Duration (2 months)


Our Facilities

  • Fully Air conditioned
  • One child to a computer
  • Modern learning equipment (Projector, Wi-Fi)
  • Serene and conducive atmosphere.
  • Maximum of 10 students per class.
  • 2 instructors per session


Our Trainers

Vibrant and exciting I.T. experts specially trained to be very accommodating and patient.

Course Benefits

  • Your child will definitely stand out with these skills which are essential for today’s world
  • Your Child will benefit from a boost in confidence and creativity from skills learnt from PowerPoint presentations.
  • Your child will acquire a new beneficial hobby which could be in graphic design, e-learning, hardware or coding (programming).
  • Prospects of a brighter future, as expertise in any field come from years of experience. Starting them young gives them the advantage of having a head start.

We have a host of other packages for Adults as well. Visit our office for more details.